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Strange Attractors                                 & Complex Systems

Hyperchaotic 4D Attractor A


The hyperchaotic system is governed by a system of four first order differential equations:

      dx/dt = x (1 – y) + α z
      dy/dt = β (x ² -1) y
      dz/dt = γ (1 – y) v
      dv/dt = η z

where x, y, z and v the state variables of the model, and α, β, γ, and η real parameters.

For P(-2, 1, 0.2, 1), a 4D strange Attractor appears:

Image003Bouali attractor 040

                                       (a)                                                            (b)

 Bouali attractor 45Bouali attractor 043

                                                                                                     Graphics Courtesy by Jos Leys

                         (c)                                                                                   (d)

              Projections of the 4D hyperchaotic system into the 3D phase portraits

                              (a) Projection on x-y-z space, (b) Projection on x-y-v space ,

                                     (c) Projection on z-y-v space, and (d) Projection on z-v-x space