Hyperchaotic 4D Attractor B

Hyperchaotic 4D Attractor with Typical Wings


The intentionally constructed 4D hyperchaotic attractor with distinct topology, at best of our knowledge, of previous attractors. 

The system of equations of the dynamical model:

             dx/dt =  x (y - 1) + α z         

             dy/dt =  β (x ² -1) y               

            dz/dt =  φ x + (y - 1) z + s v 

            dv/dt =  ψ x y                                                                        

where x, y, z, and v the state variables of the model.

The simulations with the set of parameters C (α, β, φ, s, ψ) = (1, -0.7, -0.1, 1, -0.2) led to the hyperchaotic 4d attractor.








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